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Only $12.99 (same price as an album... but so much more!)

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Islands in Space VR 360 preview

More VR Dreamscaping Music Apps for the Quests Coming Soon! - Collect the Series

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The Dreamscaping Series

Search Info: This website features Paul R Marcano's Dreamscaping Series of original and collectable VR music experiences for the Oculus Quest and Quest 2. Inspired by virtual reality's amazing first person perspective The Dreamscaping Series are thematic VR environments generally set up tyo roam freely while enjoying original music by the recording artist. What could say Dreamscaping music for Insomniacs a pre-nocternal deeper sleep kind of like Lucid Dreaming through Virtual Reality. The Dreamscaping Series is Virtual Reality for Virtual experientials using the Quest or Quest2 Oculus Fsacebgook brand of products. They are generally Space and psychedelic mindscapes of original art often inspired by Dreams, Sleep, Insomnia and lucid dreaming where dreamscaping is simply landscaping dreams.